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Everyone betrays everyone. In this Italy of ours.” 

Tuesday, 22nd of July


THE ARTIFICE OF ETERNITY / music for the byzantine empire (requested by hesperos)

01. The Might of Rome - Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard
02. Anon.: Ti aidonia tis Anatolis - Ensemble Constantinople
03. Armada - Mediaeval Baebes 
04. Trad.: Dinaresade - Ensemble Ony Wytars
05. Kassia: O synapostatis tyrannos (The Apostate Tyrant) - VocaMe
06. My Own Heart - Trevor Morris
07. All together, the Angels in the Sky - The Byzantine Choir of Greece
08. Rise a Knight - Harry Gregson-Williams
09. Manuel Chrysaphes: Lament for the Fall of Constantinople - Cappella Romana
10. Instrumental Lament II - Jordi Savall


Tuesday, 22nd of July

There is no hell. No heaven either. This world is what we make of it. - Cesare Borgia

Tuesday, 22nd of July
Friday, 18th of July
Friday, 18th of July
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Cesare Borgia or the man who would be king.

Friday, 18th of July
❝ News of [Cesare Borgia’s] taking of Urbino sent a shock wave through the courts of Italy; the Montefeltros were one of the most prestigious of the signorial families and closely related to all of them. They were popular and established in the rule of their duchy, and the ease and speed with which they had been overthrown left their contemporaries stunned. While Cesare’s earlier successes could have been ascribed to French support and the presence of French troops, this time there could be no doubt that his coup was based on his own skill and initiative, commanding his own troops. Cesare’s contemporaries could no longer be in any doubt as to his abilities. While deploring Guidobaldo’s unwarranted overthrow, they could not help but admire, in Machiavelli’s words, ‘this stratagem and so much celerity joined with an extreme felicity’ ❞
—— Cesare Borgia: His Life and Times, Sarah Bradford (x)
Friday, 18th of July
Friday, 18th of July

30/? random screencaps from The Borgias

Thursday, 17th of July