The Tigress of Forli.

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a free woman in a man’s world. (x)

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It is red, as a sign of the dignity of the order of cardinals, signifying that you are ready to act with fortitude. Red, as a sign that you are willing to spill your blood for the increase of the Christian faith, into which you have all been baptized. Benedicat vos omnipotens Deus, Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus.

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Happy birthday, Cesare Borgia! (b. 13 September 1475)

When all the actions of the duke are recalled, I do not know how to blame him, but rather it appears to me, as I have said, that I ought to offer him for imitation to all those who, by the fortune or the arms of others, are raised to government. Because he, having a lofty spirit and far-reaching aims, could not have regulated his conduct otherwise, and only the shortness of the life of Alexander and his own sickness frustrated his designs. Therefore, he who considers it necessary to secure himself in his new principality, to win friends, to overcome either by force or fraud, to make himself beloved and feared by the people, to be followed and revered by the soldiers, to exterminate those who have power or reason to hurt him, to change the old order of things for new, to be severe and gracious, magnanimous and liberal, to destroy a disloyal soldiery and to create new, to maintain friendship with kings and princes in such a way that they must help him with zeal and offend with caution, cannot find a more lively example than the actions of this man. Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince {x}

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Rembrandt, Lucretia (1664)

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amor vincit omnia
[ahh-mohr weeny-kit


(Latin) Love conquers all things. This is one of the few Latin phrases, over the centuries, which has been widely used enough to be included in the English language dictionary. 

  • Shortly before the start of the first millennium, the Roman poet Virgil wrote “love conquers all things; let us too surrender to Love.”The phrase and the concept (in Latin and in English) caught on: a character in Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, written in the late 1300s, wore a brooch engraved Amor Vincit Omnia; Caravaggio used the phrase as the title of his painting of Cupid in the early seventeenth century; the twentieth century poet Edgar Bowers reinterpreted the phrase all over again in the poem with that title.

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One touch of your hand

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JOHN COLLIER, a glass of wine with caesar borgia (1893) 

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However impressive his talents and attainments may have been at this early stage, nothing but the influence of Vice-Chancellor Rodrigo can explain his appointment to the bishopric of Pamplona in Navarre in 1491. Cesare’s precocious advancement was carried to the furthest possible extreme when Rodrigo became pope: he was immediately given the see of Valencia, which Innocent VIII had raised to archiepiscopal status, so that that prestigious benefice had now been held by three consecutive generations of Borgias. GJ Meyer *

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